Audrey Johnson is a freelance writer who works with editors, publicists, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to tell their stories. She has written about Aruban adventures for Travel Channel, designer Jessica Ogden’s creative process, and South Walton Academy’s Autism inclusive classrooms.

She has profiled many artists, chefs, businesses and charities as an editor and contributor to SoWal.com, the original insider’s guide to South Walton beaches. She also worked on a sweet marketing campaign for SmallCakes that was featured in VIE Magazine.

Audrey lives in Destin, FL with her two sons, the youngest of which was diagnosed with Autism at age 3. She supports South Walton Academy– the only Autism inclusive school in her community – by providing copywriting and grant writing services. Audrey also edits a fitness and nutrition blog at BeyondFit.org.

Hobbies often involve nature and a connection to the earth, perhaps carried over from a childhood well spent on her family’s Alabama farm. Audrey is fascinated with Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, i.e. gardening, grilling out, scuba diving, and breathing in negative ions at the water’s edge. Other interests include traveling, art, gastronomy, occasional day drinking, and good music.

Audrey believes storytelling is innate. It is while writing that she feels most connected to the source. The creator of all things. God.

Audrey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Archival Studies from Troy University. She was honored with the Most Outstanding Sociology Student Award for research and writings on local history.